I made things worse by saying I wish there wasn’t fighting. 


people commented…and then people made vague posts about those comments….and it just brought up the topic again….not saying everyone should just be quiet. i mean discussion to work through problems is always good, and some people are doing that and analyzing both sides, and it’s fine to voice your feelings, but outright anger and hurt because you take every word personally and junk, and then just continuous sitting in corners mumbling angrily and festering is just going to make things worse and causes other people to mumble aggressively in another corner about the same thing in the opposite direction and it will just go in a circle of people getting more angry and hurt without even talking to each other directly, but taking every single comment to be about them…..and man I’m just doing the same thing aren’t I….

 ….I mean….I still would like the PALtonic appreciation week to happen….because cute art, right? More of that doesn’t mean there has to be less of other stuff…..Don’t have to take away to add to something else….but…I’m just gunna…. vamoose for the day, hope things settle down, and hope I haven’t ruined this happy thing for good. orz